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A Hanseatic law firm
the traditional and modern
united with each other

The beginnings

The law firm was founded around 1890 by the lawyers Drs. Haas and Gobert.

Dr. Edmund Gobert later went by the double name "Klée-Gobert". His descendants have continued this double name. After the war, one of his descendants was cultural senator and another director of the Thalia Theater in Hamburg.

The Thirties

In 1929, attorney Dr. Alfred Heynen joins the partnership. After the death of

Dr. Klée-Gobert in April 1933 the partnership consisted only of Dr. Schlueter

and dr Heynen.

Dr. Hans Radischat

Dr. Radischat, born on December 20, 1912 in Hamburg, from whom the information in this chronicle originates to a large extent, was appointed in 1939 after passing the assessor examination to the then only Dr. Schlueter and Dr. Heynen existing law firm incorporated.

the post war period

With the reopening of the Hamburg courts, which had initially been closed since the end of the war, Dr. Radischat was admitted to the bar again in the fall of 1945 and began working in his old law firm together with Dr. Heynen up again.

The sixties

In July 1958 the son of Dr. Alfred Heynen, Dr. Peter Heynen, after passing his assessor exam, joined the law firm, which now consists of Dr. Alfred Heynen, Dr. Hans Radischat and Dr. Peter Heynen passed.

The seventies

Shortly before the death of Dr. Peter Heynen, namely on January 2, 1968, Mr. Wulf Berend Petersson, attorney at law, first joined the firm as an employed legal assistant.

The eighties

In 1982, attorney Philipp Ukert joined the law firm.

The nineties

In 1995, attorney Andreas Böhme joined the partnership.

The new millennium

Jan Michel Luckow joined the firm in July 2004, Mr. Peter Ando Lindemann in May 2008 and Ms. Hendrikje Blandow-Schlegel in July 2009.

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