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Our Competencies

Böhme Luckow Müller Jones - Attorneys at Law is primarily a commercial law firm specializing above all in the field of civil law. In doing so, our law firm not only aims to represent companies, but also represents the legal interests of self-employed persons, freelancers, employees and individuals.

Our lawyers have many years of professional experience in various industries and share in-depth sector and specialist knowledge.

We provide legal representation and advice in the following areas:

Employment and Industrial Constitution Law

Employment law regulations are of great economic importance for both employees and employers. As a law firm with a focus on commercial law, we advise and represent managing directors, executives and companies, works councils, ecclesiastical and non-ecclesiastical staff councils as well as employees.

Inheritance Law

Inheritance is often the greatest danger for created assets. An inheritance dispute or the burden of inheritance tax can destroy great values. At the same time, inheritance law offers numerous options for successful succession. Our lawyers will advise you on all aspects of succession planning and represent you in all disputes in connection with an inheritance or the law of succession.

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Commercial and Corporate Law

As a law firm with expertise in commercial and corporate law, we advise companies, and managing directors on the formation of GmbHs, UGs, GBRs, KGs, OHGs and AGs, and the restructuring of companies in Germany. We also provide ongoing support for foreign companies with business operations in Germany.

Tenancy and Residential Property Law

Tenancy and home ownership law affects almost everyone, whether as a tenant of an apartment, owner of a home or a condominium or as a commercial tradesman. We provide competent legal support to landlords and tenants in all matters relating to commercial and non-commercial tenancy law and residential property law.

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Tax Law

The economic success of companies and the preservation of private assets require comprehensive and competent tax advice. We provide expert advice on all tax issues to companies, entrepreneurs and private individuals with capital and real estate assets.

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