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Inheritance Law

  • Acceptance and waiver of inheritance

  • Advice on drafting and filing wills

  • Enforcement and defense of compulsory portion claims

  • Community of heirs, partition plan and legal disputes and action for settlement

  • Certificate of inheritance

  • Inheritance and gift tax as well as other tax-related aspects of inheritance law

  • Inheritance contract

  • Joint wills

  • International inheritance law

  • Estate administration, estate liability, estate insolvency, and estate guardianship

  • Reservation of usufruct

  • Claims to compulsory portions and compulsory portion supplements

  • Gifts during lifetime

  • Foundation law

  • Execution of wills

  • Business and property succession

  • Bequests and legatees

  • Lasting power of attorney, living will, and care directive

  • Anticipated succession

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