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the post war period

With the reopening of the Hamburg courts, which had initially been closed since the end of the war, Dr. Radischat was admitted to the bar again in the fall of 1945 and began working in his old law firm together with Dr. Heynen up again. The focus of his work was general civil law. In particular, he advised German and foreign companies in Japan, Brazil, North Africa and the Near and Middle East.

dr Radischat exercised a number of voluntary activities. He was a member of the board of the Hanseatic Bar Association for a number of years and a member of the Hamburg Synod, the parliament of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. He also worked on a voluntary basis in the Hamburg trotting sport and served as president of the Hamburg trotting society for more than a decade. after dr Radischat was also named a race in those years that Dr. Hans Radischat races.

But back to the post-war period: in 1948 or 1949 the lawyer resigneddr Waldeyer joins the partnership. 

Dr. Waldeyer was married to an Argentine woman whose father was a high official in the Argentine Ministry of Justice in Buenos Aires. When Mr. Waldeyer joined the partnership, it was intended that Dr. Waldeyer should move to Argentina. There he was to set up and manage a branch of the Hamburg law firm. These plans ultimately failed due to resistance from the Hanseatic Bar Association and the fact that the Federal Lawyers' Act at that time still stipulated a residence requirement in the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany. That is why Dr. Waldeyer left the partnership when he and his wife moved to Argentina in the early 1950s. Dr. Waldeyer was then admitted to the bar in Buenos Aires and worked successfully there for many years. He remained connected to the law firm in Hamburg for many years.

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