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In 1982, solicitor Philipp Ukert joined the law firm. Like Dr. Peter Heynen previously, Philipp Ukert was well known to the two partners Dr. Radischat and Wulf Berend Petersson, since he too had successfully completed his vocational training during his court clerkship at the law firm.


Philipp Ukert was among the first lawyers in Germany to qualify as a Certified Specialist Lawyer for Employment Law. After obtaining the qualification, he began setting up the firm`s employment law department. It was upon Philipp Ukert`s initiative that both he and Wulf Berend Petersson qualified as Certified Specialist Lawyers for tax law and subsequently founded ROTAX Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH (ROTAX Tax Consulting Firm Ltd.), which was associated with the law firm for many years.

Like his predecessors, Philipp Ukert too held numerous honorary posts. He was a member of the board of the Hanseatic Bar Association for several years as well as a member of the board and legal advisor of one of Germany`s largest aid organizations.

In 1995, solicitor Andreas Böhme joined the partnership. Andreas Böhme had received his vocational training as a Wholesale and Foreign Trade Merchant, but also held a graduate degree in Business Administration before he took up his law studies. Andreas Böhme had worked as a solicitor for ten years before he joined the law firm and by nature of his occupational training and education brought with him a clientele predominantly from the commercial law sector. He soon began consulting esteemed real-estate brokers in the premium market and advanced as an expert in commercial tenancy law.

Alongside his professional practice as a lawyer, Andreas Böhme has been involved in a large number of important activities. He has held the position of chairman of the supervisory board of a medium-sized consulting joint-stock company over the course of many years. However, his personal passion lies with the German High Seas Sports Association Hansa (Deutsche Hochseesportverband Hansa e.V. - DHH) where he has been a member since his youth.

In July 2004, solicitor Jan Michel Luckow joined the law firm. Jan Michel Luckow`s specialist area lies in the field of employment law with a particular focus on works constitution law. Together with Philipp Ukert, he further developed the law firm`s orientation in this direction. Jan Michel Luckow also founded - and is managing director of - mark GmbH Modulseminare Arbeit Recht Kommunikation (mark Ltd. Modular Seminars Work Law & Communication), a legal and communications training provider for employers and works councils.

In June 2015, the firm gained another partner, Dr Harald Müller, who strengthens the firm's expertise with his many years of experience, including in the areas of labour law and works constitution law as well as inheritance and tenancy law.

Most recently, in January 2021, solicitor Huw Wynn Jones joined the law firm as partner. Huw Wynn Jones, born in London, received his degree in Communication and Theatre Sciences in New Jersey, USA, before he completed his legal studies and took the bar exams in Germany. Huw Wynn Jones has also worked in multinational companies for many years as Head of Human Resources and advises domestic and foreign clients in international civil law, employment law and works constitution law. He also holds an MBA in Strategic Management and lectures Organizational Studies at the Leuphana University.

In the spring of 2022, Philipp Ukert left the partnership after almost 40 years to set up a legal practice with his daughter. His new offices are located nearby and both law firms continue working closely together, grounded in close personal ties to each other and in service to mutual clients.  

In April 2022, our law firm moved to new offices located at Schauenburgerstraße 49 in the heart of Hamburg and in the immediate vicinity of City Hall. This recent act of our outstanding and long company history marks and continues the tradition of our close ties to Hamburg`s unique economic situation. When founded in 1891, our offices were located at Neuer Wall 5, later at the corner of Jungfernstieg/Alsterarkaden, then at the corner of Mönckebergstraße/Bergstraße and in Dammtorstraße. From 1960 our was located in the Hübnerhaus at Poststraße 2-4 and most recently at Neue Wall 54 for over fifteen years - and always in the heart of downtown Hamburg.

We would furthermore like to thank the following colleagues who have also provided professional and active support and services to our law firm throughout its history: Dr. Waldeyer, Dr. Voss, Karl Petran, Klaas P. Petersson, Peter Ando Lindemann, Hendrikje Blandow-Schlegel, and Ulrike Kosin.

In April 2022, the name of our law firm was changed to:



Hamburg, April 2022

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