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The seventies

Shortly before the death of Dr. Peter Heynen, namely on January 2, 1968, Mr. Wulf Berend Petersson, attorney at law, first joined the firm as a salaried associate. The partners at that time had known Mr. Petersson since 1963, when he worked as a freelancer in the law firm after passing the first state examination and before starting his legal traineeship. Mr. Petersson also completed his legal traineeship in the law firm during the subsequent legal traineeship. He was mainly Dr. Assigned to Peter Heynen and early on acquired in-depth knowledge of forwarding and freight law and the associated special insurance rights, the areas of law in which Dr. Peter Heynen was mainly active.


On April 1, 1969, Dr. Radischat and Mr. Petersson formed a law firm that existed until the departure of Dr. Radischat was successfully managed in 1991. dr Radishat died in 1994.

Mr. Petersson managed to build up a practice that was primarily oriented towards commercial law. Corporate law and, through the representation of large Hamburg insurance companies, insurance law played a large role. Over the years, due to a corresponding clientele, there has been a strong focus on private construction law, which can increasingly be seen as one of Mr. Petersson's specialties.

Mr. Petersson retired in December 2008 and, after many years on the church council of his parish in Hamburg-Alsterdorf, has been chairman of a Protestant association for several years and is actively involved in ship pastoral care.

On February 1, 1970, attorney Karl Petran joined the partnership. From this he left in 1982 by mutual agreement.

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