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Dr. Hans Radischat

Dr. Hans Radischat, born on December 20, 1912 in Hamburg, from whom the information in this chronicle originates to a large extent, was appointed in 1939 after passing the assessor examination to the then only Dr. Schlueter and Dr. Heynen existing law firm incorporated. The promise to take him on as a partner after passing his exams was given to Dr. Radischat had already been made in 1937 after completing his legal traineeship. In addition to the good performance and his amiable nature, the fact that he had completed his administrative station as a trainee lawyer in the consular department of the Senate Chancellery may have played a certain role - at least that's what he thought later. From there he was recommended to the law firm. The gentlemen associates should be able to get away from the connection with Dr. Radischat have promised contacts to various consulates. Dr. Radischat, who had been friends with the Japanese consul since his legal traineeship, was actually able to intensify such contacts and use them for the office. He was active internationally in many ways well into old age, with support for Japanese companies being particularly noteworthy. His travel activities gave eloquent testimony to this.


In February 1941, Dr. Radischat uk (indispensable) and called up for service in the Reich Ministry of Economics. From there he was seconded to the Government of the General Government, Department of Economics. Through his work in the General Government, he acquired extensive economic knowledge. In 1944, Dr. Radischat appointed governor for life.

At the end of the war, Dr. Radischat to avoid both Russian and American captivity. At the end of April 1945 he came back to Hamburg via Upper Silesia, Czechoslovakia and Thuringia on adventurous routes and found shelter in the house of his parents-in-law in Wellingsbüttel because his apartment had been bombed out. Here he experienced the invasion of the English occupying forces on May 4th, 1945.

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