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The beginnings

The partnership was founded in 1891 by the lawyer Dr. Edmund Klee-Gobert. Dr. Gobert later went by the double name "Klée-Gobert". His descendants have continued this double name. After the war, one of his descendants was a cultural senator and another was director of the Thalia Theater in Hamburg. The law firm was initially based at Neuer Wall 5.

In 1892, Dr. Klée-Gobert a Dr. Ernst Hass as a partner and in 1898 a Dr. Edmund Schlueter. During this time, the office was relocated to Jungfernstieg/corner of Alterarkaden. Dr. Radischat, to whom we owe a substantial part of this chronicle - all written documents were lost in the bombing that followed in 1943 - still remembered Dr. Schlueter from his traineeship in the chancellery in 1937.

Dr. At that time, Schlueter was mainly concerned with the settlement of estates and the execution of wills. Active forensic work was practiced by Dr. Schlueter was no longer excluded at that time for reasons of age. Dr. Schlueter came from an old Hamburg family (Schlueterstraße) and was married to a daughter of the former mayor Dr. Burchardt (Burchardtstrasse, Burchardtkai).

Dr. Radischat remembered that Dr. In addition to his estate work, Schlueter advised the Schlueter and Buchardt families and a number of other long-established families on a wide range of legal matters. The connection to the Burchardt family also broke after the death of Dr. Schlueter did not graduate on July 21, 1943. A prospective lawyer from this family worked as a trainee lawyer in the law firm after the war.

In the period that followed, Dr. Voss and finally in the fifties Dr. Peter Heynen, the son of Dr. Alfred Heynen, entered the office.

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