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A hanseatic law firm
combining tradition and modernity

The beginnings

Our law firm is founded in 1891 by the lawyers Dr. Klée-Gobert and Ernst Haas. From the beginning, the law firm is located in the centre of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Thanks to its proximity to the port and the owner`s good relations with Hamburg`s merchants, the office rapidly developes into an important commercial law firm in the city.

The post-war period

During the war, the law firm`s premises are completely destroyed. But with the reopening of the Hamburg courts, Dr. Hans Radishat and Dr. Alfred Heynen resume their work and continue to expand the firm as a strong commercial law firm with international connections. They also make great contributions to Hamburg`s horse racing scene and to the development of German professional football.

Today`s law firm

Philipp Ukert joins the firm in 1982 and, together with Wulf Berend Petersson, continues to develop the law firm with a focus on labour law and tax law. Over time, new competent colleagues join the firm as partners and together they form today`s firm.

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