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In the heart of the business district of the beautiful hanseatic city of Hamburg, we welcome you as your lawyers.

Hanseatic Business Principles are at the heart of our law firm. They reflect the basic ideas of trust, reason, foresight, respect and knowledge. We have built our business on the conviction that we are committed to developing optimal legal solutions for our clients whilst contiuously adapting to their changing needs in a fast-paced world.

Our law firm was founded in 1891 with its first offices being centrally located in Hamburg`s inner city. Due to the firm`s proximity to the port of Hamburg, the focus of our activities has been on civil and commercial law right from the very beginning. Today, we look back on the high standard of professional and reliable legal support we have continuously provided to our clients for over 130 years and are proud of our contribution to Hamburg`s excellent economic reputation.

Our clients are as diverse as Hamburg`s industrial activities and include mandates from various commercial sectors, ranging from shipping, logistics, banks, insurance, and health-care to property management, aviation and entertainment. Our activities extend beyond the borders of Hamburg and Germany and we understand ourselves as an internationally oriented law firm, providing the foreign legal and language skills for handling mandates with cross-border impact. We assist both foreign clients from around the world with reference to German law as well as German clients with reference to foreign or international law.

Justice is not always served in court ...

Every legal matter therefore requires careful consideration of the costs incurred, the time required and the prospects of success.

And this is exactly where we bring in our many years of experience, our specialist knowledge and industry knowledge in order to look after you personally, efficiently and discreetly. Our work is characterized by a trusting relationship with our clients. We guarantee intensive personal support and flexibility when making appointments.

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